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👻 You can't see... the verbs?

April 24, 2023 | Tips

Originally I wanted to obscure the title even more, but then I thought... This way literally no one can predict today's topic... I'd rather NOT do that...

Camouflaged verbs. That's the theme.

You might be thinking... What are those mysterious verbs you're talking about?

Let's look at this one for example. "continue"

A camouflaged version of that would be "in continuation of". This way the verb tries to camouflage itself as a noun.

These types of "verbs" are really sneaky fellas and their only goal is to make your sentences harder to understand. Well... That's what you get when you use more words and more syllables and make your sentences weaker than they should be.

Okay. Since I'm writing this post and the fact they're called camouflaged verbs implies that they aren't that easy to find. So here are some word-ending to look out for. Not all words with those endings are bad words. These are rather some clues to look out for...

That strategy isn't entirely fool-proof but it should get you 80-90% of the way and most certainly help you improve your general writing.

So yeah... Hope you appreciated that quick little tip. ❤

See ya, hopefully soon...