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August 12, 2023 |

Good day,

hope you're well for today.

For this one, I want to do something a bit different, than usual. Music.

Well... If you had the honor of being around withme, you may have had the "pleasure" of me asking to for some musical recommandations. Any song, whatever you currently feel like. Most of... Read more

Can you fake me?

July 31, 2023 |

Hey hey.

Hope you're doing well.

So for today, I played around a bit with ChatGPT, and I wanted to see... Okay. Can I automate this blog-writing process more convincingly compared to "write a blog post on X"?

TLDR. Not really.

Long version:

Since I have written quite a few blog posts by now, I... Read more

Some book recommendations...

July 26, 2023 |

Hey hey,

hope you're doing well. ❤️

For today, I thought I wanted to do something different. Since I've been building a habit of reading (mostly informative) books for... ehrm... I think over a year for every day, let's give some recommendations with some personal comments on each of those. So, there... Read more

Quantifying Readability

July 14, 2023 |

Hey hey,

hope you're doing so far. <3

So for today, I got something a bit different, but hopefully still interesting for y'all.

Readability. What does that mean though?

Let's take this paragraph, for example.

The fox walks across the forest path. It looks around, trying to find... Read more

Too many emojis bro... ✨

July 8, 2023 |

Welcome to the world of AutoHotKey's emoji wizardry! 

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The owl demands its sacrifice.

June 23, 2023 |
Okay... So a while back, I started to learn a new language using Duolingo. Now, a few days ago, I managed to do this... Read more

Writing tips, feat. AI.

June 6, 2023 |

Hey hey, my fellow enjoyers of bad blog posts.

So, the idea of letting AI, especially ChatGPT, write up blog posts isn't something new or novel.

For today, I wanted to try out this uncreative concept. Why? I feel like I can at least improve slightly in my ability to writing a mediocre blog. So let's... Read more

Are your goals really lived?

May 28, 2023 |


hope you are doing well today.

Well. For today I wanted to talk a bit about UX maturity though. While I thought about it, I might as well extend it out to general goal "culture" or willingness to achieve your goals.

So, I guess I'm starting out with UX maturity first. 😅

Generally,... Read more

Job workflows might vary...

May 19, 2023 |

Hey hey.

Hope you are doing well today. 😁

A few days ago, I talked with some ex-university friends and at one point a conversation about our very different workflows as Software Developers.

It was really interesting to hear much that all varied, from basically just talking with their team to a... Read more

The PC setup stick

May 16, 2023 |

Hey hey. 😊

So, a few days ago I bought a new laptop. As of now, I'm pretty happy with it.

You all know the problem though if you bought a new computer. The setup. It isn't really that hard or dreaded. The main problem is rather that you always miss something and need a few days of general usage... Read more

Thoughts on human capital

May 12, 2023 |

Well, hello there.

Today, I wanna share some random thoughts I have on human capital. Why? I don't even know, okay...

I think start with a definition on that one since not all of you might know what's actually entitled to this. So let's get on the same page.

Human... Read more

The only thing better than perfect is standardized

April 26, 2023 |

I struck up this quote from a video by a YouTuber called Technology Connections.

The video was about the correction feature on typewriters, which was pretty... Read more

The choice is smaller than you think...

April 23, 2023 |

I think y'all know that feeling quite a bit.

You're standing in front of a giant shelf with a hundred variations of the same product. You can't decide and you're in awe of all the different options.

At first glance, this seems to be the case for a lot of different things, but I beg to differ.... Read more

Enjoy your guilty pleasures...

April 16, 2023 |

Hey yo,

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Big organizations are like oil tankers...

April 12, 2023 |

Today, I haven't got much but a single anecdote/"quote" which felt relatable...

Maybe you find that also interesting.

Big organizations have the intrinsic motivation to deliver a consistent output from a given input. If new input is given, then organizations have to increase variety. This stands in direct... Read more

Just believe...

April 3, 2023 |

I know... I know...

This sounds a bit cheesy and clichée but I wholeheartedly believe in believing yourself to achieve your goals.

Well... Sometimes in life if you wanna something you have to work to achieve your dreams.

But a little bit of self-belief doesn't hurt and helps you stay motivated in the... Read more

My first post 😁

March 31, 2023 |

Okay... After the typical deployment hassle, I finally deployed this thing...

Every time I forget this type of stuff, with the DNS entries and the general setup of this tool. Nevertheless, this served as a great reminder, so thanks... I guess

What is this, you may be asking yourself.

This is my... Read more