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A cautionary tale on internal communication...

May 22, 2023 | Life

Hey hey. 👋

So for today, I've got a little tale on miscommunication for you. I think I need to censor this though... But I believe it's interesting nevertheless.

So... A while back, I applied for something, and everything went as expected, nothing out of the ordinary.
But after a while, I needed to withdraw the application due to personal reasons. Okay. That also went pretty well. I even got external confirmation on that.

Or so I thought. 🙃

Today an e-mail arrived in my inbox that went a little bit like this.


Regarding your application in X.
Let's do that next step in the application process.

When do you have time?

Regards. Y.

Honestly, I needed to take a deep breath at this moment. 😅
An absolute prime example of internal communication gone wrong. Great.

I think that serves as a cautionary tale that you shouldn't take your communication and knowledge being at the right place for granted.

So yeah...
I hope this gave you some thoughts on improving these kinds of workflows in some way or shape. There are hundreds of ways to do this effectively... 😅

See ya.