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A leap of faith...

April 14, 2023 | Life

Sometimes in life, you have these special moments with special opportunities.

In these moments, you feel like in those movies where you watch the main protagonist do this exact thing.

Sadly, you don't have the foresight like in the movies. You don't know what to choose. You feel anxious. It's just hard.

It might sound clichée, but do what your heart tells you to. Most of the time, your inner compass tells you what to do. If it doesn't... Are you sure?

Flip a coin, assign each outcome to one action, and then do it.

Do you feel happy with the outcome? Yes. Great. 😁

No? Well... Now you know the true direction of your inner compass. 😅

So yeah... Don't be afraid... I know, this is easier said than done...

But you can do it. 😁

Just. Do. It.

See ya