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Animating is hard

April 2, 2023 | Design


For a while I've been working on a pixelart animation for a while.

It has this cool "jungle vulcano"-vibe going on and will be probably about 20 frames long. Why? Why not, I tell you.

Here's a frame from that animation btw. 😉

subject to change

A frame of my jungle-themed pixelart animation

This isn't even my first rodeo in this domain but I think that's my most extensive animation so far and I wanted to share some little insights on what I learned here... Btw. Absolute amateur here, I'm just doing this for fun and documenting this to help me keep those things in mind for the future.

So yeah... I don't think I have to say anything else. I'm just happy that I've nearly finished it up right now... Took way too long lol. 

And it was good, that I learned some things in my quite mediocre artistic endeavors. Hope you did too. 

See ya.