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Are your goals really lived?

May 28, 2023 | General


hope you are doing well today.

Well. For today I wanted to talk a bit about UX maturity though. While I thought about it, I might as well extend it out to general goal "culture" or willingness to achieve your goals.

So, I guess I'm starting out with UX maturity first. 😅

Generally, this term describes the level of an organization's desire and ability to do good user experience/centered design.

This not only encompasses if you have done UX-related work in your application but also if you dedicate yourself to UX at all levels. You need to be able to gain new insights beyond the standard methodologies and adapt the UX to the given needs and wants of the user base.

That isn't something that can be done with some simple measures or processes, which are half-hazardly implemented. You need to deploy a strategy/design process for this, analyze your outcomes and improve on it, based on pre-defined metrics, and spread a UX-"friendly" culture in your organization.

How you might do this really depends on your current level of maturity, what you are actually doing, and your goals with this measure. So, I can't give some advice on it. Especially since I'm not a UX guy.

I think you can see a connection of this cultural aspect to other topics in life though. Maybe you've noticed in different organizations that certain goals are heavily talked about, but if you have an inside view... Well...  That doesn't look so glamorous. If you don't know what I mean. Consider yourself lucky. 😅

So yeah... Are you sure if your organizational goals are really lived through?

See ya.