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Criticize what you read...

May 30, 2023 | Life

Ahoy, everyone.

Well... I think most of you know this scenario.
You're reading something, doesn't really matter what it is, and notice some factual mistakes in it.

This can happen either with or without any bad intentions behind it.
There are more than enough scenarios for this. Outdated information, the author doesn't know it better, intended misinformation.
It doesn't matter what the reason behind this is. The fact is, that factoid is wrong, and you could've been easily misinformed by it.

So this is today's PSA to criticize what you're reading.
I mean. Of course, not everything. If you're doing that, you would question whether "1+1" is really two or similarly universal "simple" general facts. btw... here is the proof for that one... 😂

When it comes to new knowledge. Well, the story looks a little bit different.
To maintain well-guided knowledge of whatever you're trying to learn you need to ensure that it is accurate and unswayed by different groups trying to influence you into some sort of direction.
This can happen very quickly, especially in today's day and age.
Just because something is featured prominently doesn't mean it's true. Just because something is in some sort of "trustable medium" doesn't mean it's true.

I think you get the idea. 😅

This is especially true with "simple answers" to seemingly complex problems. Most of the time to those kinds of problems, there aren't any real simple answers.
Think about it. If it was really THAT simple like some people portray... Well. Most likely, it would've been done like that earlier. But don't let that discourage you from doing your own research.

As I said...

Criticize, not categorically exclude. 😉

Criticise to separate truth from lie.

Criticize to learn.

See ya.