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Crossing things out...

August 4, 2023 | Tips

Ahoy, everyone

hope you're doing well. ❤️

So for today, I want to talk about TODO lists, specifically what you write into them. TODO apps, habit trackers, and all of that stuff are pretty useful, but you have to fill it with the correct stuff. The stuff you need to do, the stuff you aspire to do, to become a better person. Yes, all of that is fine and great, and I've been doing it for a minute, but now I feel like needing to put an asterisk in front of that statement. why is there none? - please be quiet...

Say one day you had an idea one day... Oh my God... Cross-country running sounds really great everyone is doing it, and it's healthy... And so on...

After trying it out for a while you notice... This isn't as fun as I originally thought, and I'm already doing toprope climbing to keep myself in shape...

But then you drag on because you've been doing it for a while and so on only to not feel guilty, and you notice that you didn't even want to do cross-country running in the first place.

Okay, okay. I think you got this scenario, and you know what. That's okay.

You see... I learned that this task kinda represents the person you thought out to be and not the person you really are. In a way, this just holds you back from becoming your true ideal self while you feel guilty about following ideals you don't have.

Remember though, don't just cross off those nasty things you really need to do and you're just too lazy or things you strive to be and are passionate about.

If you're noticing a pattern of something you don't really need to do and are weighing you down at this point. Just cross them off, and you won't feel guilty about it ever again. And if you feel guilty about that action though... you have my permission 😉 it feels better this way. trust me...

See ya