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Don't focus on your stress

May 11, 2023 | Life



The last few days I've indulged myself into a boatload of stress due to different private matters.

I was feeling a bit shit and honestly, I'm not the type of person to take this stuff too well. 

Therefore, I didn't get much done. I mean... Look at the blog output over the last few days... Sorry, I guess. 😅


It's a vicious cycle. You stress out, then you don't get much done, then you stress out more, and so on.

That isn't great.


Also, you do your stuff not very wholeheartedly as a result. I mean. This is my second attempt at a blog post even.


In these moments, remember to take a breath. And think of what you actually wanted to do. Stay in your current situation. Breathe. And focus on that. I know. It doesn't sound easy, and it isn't. Try to do that, at least. Sometimes it works, and it helps then.


So yeah. 


Don't focus on your stress level. You'll simply summon more and more stress that way.


Focus on what you actually have to do, and everything will work out somewhat.

See ya.