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Enjoy your guilty pleasures...

April 16, 2023 | General

Hey yo,


so recently I went out with a couple of people to a bar. Nothing really out of the usual...


Well. It was pretty fun and we all shared our different stories. Afterward, I noticed I was that guy who shared some weird stories which happened in life or weird quirks. You know... Stuff like I belt out to very pop'y songs while driving around. You know, that stuff.


But I haven't really thought of it too much... That's just a part of me, I thought and dismissed everything else. While that may be true, I've also read a part from "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon again. It talked about embracing your guilty pleasures and not hiding them from others. Or to say it in the words of Dave Grohl "If you fucking like something, like it.". Sounds simple? It may be.


But a lot of people out there also me sometimes need quite a bit of time to open up and start embracing their unique personalities. I can understand it. But you know... This shouldn't be the case. 


Uniqueness creates variety and variety creates different ideas, and different concepts allow us to flourish more in a group setting. At least more than trying to pretend to be the blandest person ever.


So yeah... Sounds a bit like a motivational guru, but I feel from personal experience that this is 100% true.


Celebrate your guilty pleasures and own them. Don't give in to the pressure. If you do this, I can promise you that you can enjoy yourself more, have loads of more cool/varied ideas out of this, and maybe even inspire someone else.


Enjoy your guilty pleasures. As clichée as it may sound...



See ya