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Haute Couture isn't always the most useful...

July 6, 2023 | Development

Welcome fellow fashionistas,

while today I don't want to talk about the latest and greatest from Balenciaga or Versace, but rather the practicality of the latest and greatest of different software libraries/toolkits.

Well. Think of it, sometimes, the shiniest thing in the world of software isn't the best tool to use. This would be like saying the latest Swiss Army Knife is always better than a standard screwdriver for screwing down a basic screw.

It's especially correct if you consider the aspect of "peer pressure" from other, often times larger and more well-known companies. I mean. In real life, you don't do something just because someone cool and hip did it. Okay... While writing this, I noticed that way too many industries are fueled by this simple fact, but you still get my point. 😅

What you should rather do, is look through your personal requirements and prerequisites and base your decisions on those rather than what the cool kids say. Think about it. Those companies have different requirements, work in slightly different fields, have different opportunities, different corporate cultures, and most importantly different businesses and products. and... so... on...

Adopt the things you and your team need. I think you got the point. Resist the temptations.

See ya.