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If you want something... Just ask for it.

April 4, 2023 | Life


I really hate myself for doing these pseudo-preachy posts back-to-back but it feels like the best/most relevant thing I could share, which happened today.

I had a situation in which I was a bit anxious due to some random consequence. This stuff really messes your mind and your brain basically turns off at this point.

Only bad things happen after this...

The most interesting thing in those situations is that most of the time, this fear is completely unreasonable, just like this time...

There was absolutely no reason to be anxious. The exact opposite was true instead.

So yeah... Next time if you procrastinate mentioning something big and scary, don't be afraid. Just do it. and click that send button quickly... don't overthink... no, don't correct that message endlessly for "spelling mistakes"

Only good things can come out in life, but you have to ask/talk about it first.

See ya.