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Job workflows might vary...

May 19, 2023 | General

Hey hey.

Hope you are doing well today. 😁

A few days ago, I talked with some ex-university friends and at one point a conversation about our very different workflows as Software Developers.

It was really interesting to hear much that all varied, from basically just talking with their team to a full-blown agile infrastructure. All of that structure introduces a lot of extra work for everyone but has the benefit of making it all a lot more structuralized, documented, and uniform. I mean, compared to the opposite, where no retrospectives or no major documentation happens, this seems like a really great thing.

But I noticed whether this happens or not seems to be aligned with the company's attitude towards modern values. So that seems to be a good indicator of a company just preaches those values or actually fulfills them.

So yeah... Just a few thoughts I wanted to toss around.

See ya.