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Make time

May 1, 2023 | Life

Hey hey.


So today, I've been thinking about the topic of making time for certain activities to actually do them.


Well... We don't have a lot of precious time on our hands, so we have to allocate it to certain activities. Especially if you're doing something fun, it flies so freaking fast. or wasting it on things like Netflix or YouTube... 😅


Time is the only resource we can't get more of, so we need to be pretty careful with it. Not to say you need to do something productive in every living moment. But rather use it to the best of your abilities.


How? Well... Personally, I've tried setting up daily "tasks" with things I want to do on that day. This can be boring stuff, like doing your tax return, washing your clothes, or doing other work. This can also be more fun stuff, like a meetup with friends, going to a certain activity you want to try out, or simply chilling out after a treacherous day.


I mean. For today one of my priorities was meeting up with a friend after a long time.


Anything goes but set your priorities. This way, if you stay focused you can do those things that you want to do with a pretty good focus without diverging into the different attention traps in our lives. Except if you want to spend some time there of course, in which there is no shame... Just be mindful. 😉


Or in other words... Make time for the things you want to do. But don't fall into that endless productivity trap. that would be a post in itself though... 😅


See ya