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My first post 😁

March 31, 2023 | General

Okay... After the typical deployment hassle, I finally deployed this thing...

Every time I forget this type of stuff, with the DNS entries and the general setup of this tool. Nevertheless, this served as a great reminder, so thanks... I guess

What is this, you may be asking yourself.

This is my "micro"-blog, where I'll post something that I learned whatever that may be... in here, mainly as a "daily dispatch" of information/knowledge/or whatever most likely crap I'm doing in the past 24 hours. (The main blog stays btw... This is just a "short form" version with smaller pieces of information...)

Let's see how this turns out. I got this idea from a book I recently read, called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. One chapter was about this "daily dispatch" and it really intrigued me... So I wanted to try this out and maybe something good will happen, even if this only serves as a "daily breakdown" for myself where I summarize some piece of knowledge/information into this massive conglomeration.

And if I can at least inspire one other person, this would be great.

Hope you join me along.

- Denis