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QR-Codes and social life

April 1, 2023 | Tips


Did some random stuff today. The most interesting one is finishing up a blogpost on QR-Codes and other 2-dimensional codes. Link to the post.

It was really interesting reading up on QR-Codes, data matrixes and these Nintendo E-Reader cards.

Basically (in very broad terms, there are many other codes which break some form of this principle...) they all work in a similar manner in which they contain binary data which is formatted into different chunks of data, which often times represent a character.

Then these data-chunks get read from a designated starting position in a certain pattern. (In QR-Codes it goes in a "snake-like" pattern until it reaches the other side.)

And then this binary data can be used for whatever... Cool isn't it? (See the blog post for the different uses 😉)

Other than that, I got re-assured that if I want to so something, especially with other people. Take matters into your own hands and do/organise something. In this way... You'll have more experiences doing the stuff you wanna do. Be more proactive.

See ya.