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Read it out!

April 27, 2023 | Tips

Hey hey.

Hope you're doing well. ❤

So today, I've been writing up some stuff again and wanted to share a simple little trick that not too many people do.

That is reading out your texts aloud. I mean... Have you ever caught someone doing that?

Well, the reason is simple. If your text feels like something you would say in real life, then it straight up feels more comfortable for the reader. This way, you can catch redundancies, lack of transitions, and poor sentence structure, with the added benefit of catching general mistakes a lot easier. Try it out... 😉

Most writing should have a conversational tone anyways though, so you can see the connection here.

There are exceptions to this rule though... If you wouldn't say something face-to-face, then it shouldn't have a conversational tone.

I don't know... Imagine you're in a board meeting with five CEOs from different companies. Try to be more formal there. 😅

Also, if you read your stuff aloud, read at the correct pace, picture your recipient! This also helps while checking your text.

So yeah...

Just try to listen to what you've written, and I will promise you that your written stuff will sound a lot better this way. I know we're lazy, but you can do it. 😁

See ya.