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Splitting lists up...

August 8, 2023 | Tips

Okay okay,

this is the second time in a row, where I am doing something list/productivity related.

But bear with me... I guess, when you're reading this rather, at best, mediocre blog, then you have to do this a lot, but you get what I mean.

I don't have to explain that I am an avid user of TODO lists and writing everything down in general. I am not good at memorizing those random things. Even today I (nearly) forgot two important dates, simply because I forgot to write them down as well. You could write down everything you need to do, might want to do, need to remember, as well as your other random related info and so on... That gets a lot very, very quick. Trust me.

Okay. What is my solution for this? Splitting things up.

By that, I mean creating separate "TODO lists" for different use cases.

This could be lists like...

and so on...

That approach isn't limited to TODO lists only. You can be a bit more creative as well... Think about it.

TODOs you need to do at a specific date are timely events, which can be put in a calendar.

The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination and determination.

So yeah... Take this as an inspiration to de-clutter your TODOs or whatever... it's your life, and I am just a random text telling you, at best, dubiously useful information.

See ya