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The choice is smaller than you think...

April 23, 2023 | General

I think y'all know that feeling quite a bit.

You're standing in front of a giant shelf with a hundred variations of the same product. You can't decide and you're in awe of all the different options.

At first glance, this seems to be the case for a lot of different things, but I beg to differ. sometimes... well... I'm an IT guy... so I'm looking at that perspective only... 😅

Well, today I was looking at a new laptop. Of course, you have different requirements for your specific use case.

For me, this was...

That's like over half a dozen criteria, besides factors, like looks and general user reviews.

There are plenty of good laptops around, but laptops that fit these criteria. Well... Maybe about a dozen. give or take a few...

That makes it a lot easier to decide on a final model, doesn't it?

This theme isn't only found with laptops when I think about it, I had this happen to me while trying to find a new keyboard, mouse, and monitor. And it wasn't me either. I know plenty of people who had this happen to themselves. Or haven't even found a fitting product to their specific criteria. That also happens.

So yeah... I feel like when we look at a certain type of product with its hundreds of variants, only a select few products are actually viable for your personal criteria. So don't be discouraged and struck by the choices. It may be easier than you think. 😁

See ya