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The hype is real

April 17, 2023 | Life


I'm not talking about any hype/trendy topic going around but rather my new "Hype Playlist". 🎶

Lately, I've been creating different song playlists for different moods and especially today it came to good use, after some fearful panic.

With this, I could just turn on the playlist, and everything went back to normal. I'm not a psychologist. I'm barely even a software developer. But I know that music is something quite powerful that allows you to swing around your mood massively. So, use that to your advantage. Create the feeling you're desiring. 😁

It doesn't work every time sadly, since overusing that is a thing. But, if you use your playlists in a dosed manner, well... Good things happen, just like my massive mood swing today, from anxious to hype.

So yeah... Just a little thing I wanted to share. Maybe that helps you with some tough situations, even though it sounds a bit generic. 😅

See ya.