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The only thing better than perfect is standardized

April 26, 2023 | General

I struck up this quote from a video by a YouTuber called Technology Connections.

The video was about the correction feature on typewriters, which was pretty interesting to hear about.

He dropped this quote in the context of the typing mechanism and I found it really interesting since it applies to so many things in our day-to-day lives.

Of course, I can't talk about everything this applies to since I'm simply not qualified enough to do that.

But when I look through the lens of a software developer, I have to admit...

Yeah. Kinda.

In an ideal world, the perfect solution would be the standard for everybody. In the real world though this isn't the case.

A whole load of factors come into consideration when it comes to deciding upon a new standard. okay... mostly money but yeah...

Also, the definition of a "perfect solution" is really ambiguous, which can result in different solutions being the best ones for their respective groups due to different circumstances.

Try to come to a compromise there. Good freaking luck...

Rarely there's a perfect solution for everybody, and most of the time that one is the standardized way already.

So, if we have to make compromises already, then let's do them altogether.

This would result in...

And probably other things I forgot. 😅

I know again... We aren't living in this world either. Financial incentives drive groups to push their "perfect solution" as the standard.

But at least that world is a little bit more realistic than the ideal worldview from the beginning of this "story".

So yeah... A "short" version of why I found that random quote from a YouTube video interesting enough to write down those paragraphs.

See ya.