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The PC setup stick

May 16, 2023 | General

Hey hey. 😊

So, a few days ago I bought a new laptop. As of now, I'm pretty happy with it.

You all know the problem though if you bought a new computer. The setup. It isn't really that hard or dreaded. The main problem is rather that you always miss something and need a few days of general usage until you iron out those little "kinks".

It's "annoying" ( don't know a better word for that feeling... ), but nothing too major. Of course, a solution to this problem, I found out right after this process. That is the setup USB stick I mentioned in the title.

The idea is that you prepare a USB stick or your preferred portable storage medium and in there you can either put all of your necessary documents, other executables, or even better an operating system image with your "base system". You can then flash this to your computer and you instantly have your base setup ready. Honestly, I'm not too sure of the abilities of this in Windows, but on Linux-based operating systems, this seems to be a very viable solution.

Even if this isn't viable for you. A simple shell script where an automatic download of all of your favorite programs gets executed should suffice as well. 😉

So yeah. It's a simple solution, and if you're setting up computers quite often, a pretty effective one as well, to put everything you need all at once.

Hope it gave you some fresh thoughts.

See ya