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Thoughts on human capital

May 12, 2023 | General

Well, hello there.

Today, I wanna share some random thoughts I have on human capital. Why? I don't even know, okay...

I think start with a definition on that one since not all of you might know what's actually entitled to this. So let's get on the same page.

Human capital is a concept (...) to designate personal attributes considered useful in the production process.

- Some person on Wikipedia

A bit vague, but we can work with it.

Say, you work in an office job with other people in your team. In this case, part of your human capital would be good team working abilities, good communication skills, or proficiency with software tools you might need.

Okay, I think you might've got it. Or did you? I don't know. I can't read your minds if they even exist... Dunno.

As you might have imagined while you read this, well, this is pretty important when you consider your personal abilities and career path.

Being an expert in a field involves expanding your knowledge and general. And you all know those pseudo-inspirational quotes about knowledge acquisition. Yes, it's very important. You should always try to learn something new, even if it's something not too relevant in your expert field. Never know when that's getting useful. 😉

Personally, I consider knowledge one of the most important assets in life, which is why I try to learn something new every day, read books and practice different skills, etc.

It brings you forward in life more than you think.

That human capital aspect also is important when you consider non-skill-related aspects of positive personal attributes. This could be stuff like physical/mental health, personal values (like commitment, ethics, mindset, etc.), or social skills. Not everything is something you can actively work on. But some of those are, and it's also a great thing to pour your time in.

As I already said, these things bring you forward and that's also why I consider investments in your human capital among the most important ones you can possibly make. Except for the things you use way too much during the day, but that's a different story. 😅

So yeah... It's just personal experience, I know this all sounds pretty vague, but invest in that type of stuff. It's worth it. 😉 

trust me bro

See ya