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Waiting for Godot

April 19, 2023 | Tips

You know those kinds of days...

You can't really do anything at work because of some major obstruction. Also, you can't leave 6 hours early, so what do you do?

Well... Should've prepared in advance.

Those days always come a bit unexpected, which is why I'd like to put off work that can be done without any tool dependence. For example, writing software documentation. This only needs some sort of text editor. And if that doesn't work, you have bigger problems anyways...

Okay. But what if you haven't got this type of work left?

Well... How about learning something new in your field with some sort of course or video series or whatever.

You learn something new and advance your career somewhat and in most cases your employer also appreciates it. 😉

Okay... But what if you know everything there is to know... Well... Don't lie to me. If you wanna procrastinate... Then just do it lol.

And now go procrastinating. 😂

See ya