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Why are we using filler-words?

April 20, 2023 | Tips

I'm not a writer. I'm not even decent at writing. You probably noticed that instantly when visiting that blog...

Still, there are a lot of different texts that we write up in our daily lives, so I'm a firm believer in practicing writing by doing.


One thing that especially struck me today was the number of filler words which I use in my texts. Stuff like "actually", "really" or "very". Yes, sometimes those words have their place but the moment you notice them. Well... It's a bit too much.


I can't give you an answer to the aforementioned question in this blog. As I already said. I'm not a professional in this field.


What I can tell you though is to keep those words in mind when writing something up. Everyone is a bit different in that regard but most people seem to have this flaw.


If you don't have the foresight to see these flaws in your texts, then you can use automated tools like Grammarly. These automatically mark these and other flaws in your texts. no ad btw... nobody reads this blog anyways...

When you don't use those filler words, the result is more understandable texts, increased precision, and plainer English. or whatever language you use... this applies to every language, I think... 😅


So yeah, this day's reminder to look at your writings once again and remove useless words.


See ya