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Writing tips, feat. AI.

June 6, 2023 | General

Hey hey, my fellow enjoyers of bad blog posts.

So, the idea of letting AI, especially ChatGPT, write up blog posts isn't something new or novel.

For today, I wanted to try out this uncreative concept. Why? I feel like I can at least improve slightly in my ability to writing a mediocre blog. So let's see...

Okay. So to start out, to be on the same page. Here is the original blog post.

Bad as usual. Nothing really happened there.

But now... Here is the AI "improved" one. I took some artistic liberties with that and added a few elements. But yeah... The core stays similar.

Hello, hello, fellow coding wizards!

I hope you're all cruising through the tech realm with your code wands held high. Today, I bring you a cryptic blog title and a development revelation: Tracer code, the not-so-secret ingredient to wowing the crowds!

Picture this: You're coding away, minding your own business, when suddenly, someone outside your team or even a customer demands a sneak peek at your masterpiece. And what do you say? Awkward pause 'Uh, it's in development...'

A woman looking very nervously

Cue the collective disappointment, frustration, and confused looks. Trust me, I've been there, my friends. Nobody likes playing the 'hide-and-seek with code' game. But fear not! Enter... tracer code!

A Spongebob rainbow meme, in which he is fantasized by tracer code

Now, what exactly is this tracer code sorcery, you ask? Well, think of it as your secret weapon – fully functional code that's not fully implemented yet. It's like serving a tantalizing slice of cake before it's fully baked. Sure, it's not the final masterpiece, but boy, does it get mouths watering and anticipation soaring!

With tracer code, you have something tangible to show at every stage of development. You can quantify your progress, compare different targets, and dazzle those curious eyes.

But hey. Let's be real here. Tracer code doesn't always work like a charm on the first try. It's a journey, my friends. Sometimes it takes fifteen attempts, a sprinkle of magic dust, and a pinch of patience to get things right. Don't worry if you miss a few traces along the way – progress is just around the corner!

Not only does tracer code make your work showable and discussable, but it also gives you well-defined software structures early on. It's like building a partially assembled Lego set – you proudly show off the parts you've conquered while playfully apologizing for the spaceship missing a wing or two.

The classic Jim Lahey meme where he falls down the stairs of a trailer

So, my fellow coding rockstars, banish the nightmares of unfinished code! Embrace tracer code and watch as your projects shine brighter than a disco ball at a coding party.

Barney Stinson being very excited with some confetti flying around

Remember, the magic is in the journey, and the world can't wait to see what you conjure up next!

Stay awesome, everybody.

Okay... Hope you weren't too... ehrm... even I don't know an appropriate reaction to this...

So, let's see which things are changed.

First, the AI sprinkled in some super cringy taglines and metaphors. While the tag lines like "coding rockstars" or "wizards" are very, very cringe. I do quite like those random metaphors sprinkled around. I don't know. It gives it an interesting and funny vibe. 😅

Especially if the metaphor is super weird. That's part of the fun. The extra self-deprecation also works wonders. 😉

If we take a closer look, we notice a bit of a different vocabulary and writing style. I mean this is to be expected and happens with other people as well. But this serves as an inspiration anyways. I don't know why, but this does the trick better than reading books and other similar literature. Maybe, the reason for this is that we're talking about two different versions of the same text and not two completely different written works. Don't nail me down on that one though. 😅

Also, a "real" and interesting start/ending was used, instead of my usual one-liners.

There isn't only sunshine and rainbows though.

I mentioned before the writing style is completely different, so a one-to-one adaptation isn't possible. Rather, this should be used as an inspirational basis. Also, it seems that a lot of detailed information was left out in the edited version. This is pretty bad, especially if you're talking about technical topics, where details are necessary.

So, my fellow coding rockstars. Banish the nightmares of writing actually good stories instead of just good code. 😉

Remember, the magic is in the journey, and the world can't wait to see what you conjure up next!

Stay awesome, everybody.

See ya